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The Hallicrafters Company was founded by William J. Halligan in Chicago, Illinois in late 1932. The company was located at 417 State Street and began production of their own line of communications receivers, starting with the SX-9 'Super Skyrider', in late 1935.

Hallicrafters prospered from 1945 to 1963, during which the company produced equipment considered by many to be superbly designed, including the famous S-38 receiver.

In 1952 Hallicrafters' main plant in Chicago was a block long. In addition to the main plant was a 3-story building of 72,000 square feet two blocks away, a 1-story coil plant of 12,000 square feet on Chicago's north side, and 150,000 square feet of production and storage space in three other buildings. The company employed 2,500 people at that time.

In 1966, Halligan sold the company to the Northrop Corporation. The name and assets of Hallicrafters were traded over the following years, but there were no products bearing the name. Since about 1988, all remaining rights and assets to the 'Hallicrafters' name & logos have been held by court-appointed trustees.

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Org PhotoFact Schematic Hallicrafters SX-43 45-13
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NIB tube set for Hallicrafters SX-43
NIB tube set for Hallicrafters SX-43
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